26 May 2018


At the end of day, I sat myself down
on a low lying couch to think of the day
thoughts bolting through my head,
feet running all the way

progress on the papers and
the signatures making it complete,
sitting on the same place as before and back the same way, again on my feet

joy in the feedbacks
and achivements on the graphs
same woks to admire, same
flimsy mistakes and monlogous laughs

where has time led me to ?
I hear the whispers of the past
'I too will fly some day',
says the kid running with a cart

This day I lay my dreams, lay them to rest
mind telling the heart, 'its all for the best'
Gray streaks in the mirror, telling the eyes,
you too have grown old, you too have lost the sight

may be tomorrow, I'll feel young enough
to follow the shooting stars
or just lie back tired again
dreaming at the same hour

hope I have the gutts again
to take a leap or just sail off the shore,
hope to wake up to make it true tomorrow
hope I have a tomorrow, i want to see the sun once more

15 April 2016

               PRAYERS ON THE TREE

When the dawn comes and sets the life free
hope wakes the sky and there is chirping on the tree
When the shades of sorrow let go of your eyes
Tell them of this story and tell them of me

There will be a tomorrow, yes there will be
With a story in the hearts, of today that we flee
Time stands a witness, as we live and die
there'll be a whisper of the past,  just let it be

Who can hold the winds and all the hear and say
Mine be  the sins. Saints of the world, let them pray
There won't be a forever for anyone to defend
Let God be the judge, of every needle in the hay

U just remember my words, for comfort when u cry
The only proof of having lived, is being missed when u die
My love and my heart has always been thine
and will always be with thee,
Come spring,
 u can see me on the leaves, autumn in the prayers on the tree

06 September 2014

a lonesome walk on an empty lane
kicking the stones with the thoughts passing by
with love & joy, solitude i choose
the ocean of love, turning to a solitary sky

celebrations end to a night of stars
all heavenly touches often leave a scar
this day i walk out of the earthly chains
this road for one takes me far and far

if you rise, you ought to fall
love is eternal for a life too small
so, i walk in love with dreams& night to newer start
again, i won't fall in love to fail in love
this much pain is good
for the peace of mind of a solitary heart


  kya ajeeb kismat hai, kya ittefaq hai,
yun toh hai ruswai se mohobbat,
 fir bhi kitni pak-saaf hai

ab sajdon me hai sanam
aur us kaafir me hai khuda,
par daman me ishq jiss faqir ke
kehte hai uska har gunah maaf hai

unki mehfilon ki rawayat
aur ye saadgi ka dum ?
ya, khuda ishq unko bhi kuch sikhaye
mere ishq aur unke mazaak me ye farak saaf saaf hai

29 June 2014


Mohobbat ko apne haal pe choda na gaya
Bahut tadpe, unki nazar ke ek sawal ko choda na gaya
Yunhi uth ke chal diye the hum toh har yaarana bazm se
Unse fir na milne ke khayal se choda na gaya

Na zamane ko ganwara tha, na himmat-e-marda  thi
Ek junoon hi tha bas aur mohobbat be parda thi
Fir jahan ke us dayar pe ek nadaan dil toda na gaya
Chod aaye ye jahan saara, un kanpte haathon ko choda na gaya

Kahenge log, ishq ki khata se nazrein jhuk jayengi
Unhe kya pata, mohobbat aayegi toh be-bak aayegi
Kahenge barson baad ye log zamane me
Dhadke the do dil kabhi, issi khaak virane me

Fir Khayenge taras dekh kar, log ye jazbat ke aansu,
Dil bhi tadphadayega, beh jayenge aur halaat ke aansu
Hum sajdon me uski gir kar mohobbat tum ko mangle
Bas ab rokde sunkar wahi, meri fariyaad ke aansu

Par aaj, aaj unke ashkon ko, unki nazron ko
Ishq, Un sadaon ko choda na gaya,
Kurban is mohobbbat, har gunah jiske sadke
Chod di khudai, par pak dar-e-yaar ko choda na gaya…..